University Place Historical Society

                                                                                             PO Box 65877

                                                                                University Place, WA 98464



Name__________________________    Home telephone_______________   Cell __________


Address_________________________        City________________________________________


State____________     Zip_____________  Email_______________________


 1. How would you like to help?  (The following list is not all inclusive and will continue to grow as University Place Historical Society grows)


____ Work on historical research projects


______Assist fundraising efforts


______Help prepare grant proposals


_____Assist in maintaining the UPHS website


______Assist the Photo Archivist


______Be available to help in planning Special Events


______Help with grounds maintenance at the Historic Curran House


______Help with interior/exterior restoration and maintenance projects associated with the Historic Curran House


______Work on a telephone committee 


2. To be a volunteer you do not need to be a member of UPHS, although we would love to have you join our ranks. Our only requirement is that you possess a passion for preserving, recording, and displaying the unique history of our city. Regardless of age, physical abilities, or skills, you can provide a valuable service to our community by becoming a volunteer in our dynamic organization. Please fill out this application and mail it to the above address. A UPHS officer will then contact you to discuss your volunteer options.